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“Did you know I receive more fan mail weekly than does Marilyn Monroe? … she is now receiving only 80 or so letters a week, while mine runs at least double that!” — Alex D. Hawkes (1962)

Don’t forget Alex’s advice…

“It is not, though, necessary nor obligatory to restrict the offering of this drink to this time of the year. By using the following recipe, Egg Nog can be presented with pride all year round. Try it soon, for your next festive home get-together.” – Alex D. Hawkes – The Rum Cookbook (1972)


“A World of Vegetable Cookery is a result of combining my interests in botany and cooking over a number of years. My researches on my particular botanical specialties- orchids, palms, bromeliads, and certain other groups of plants have taken me to many parts of the globe. Everywhere I have traveled I have had the opportunity to note the good things that appear from the kitchen or campfire.” – Alex D. Hawkes (1968)


What is Sub-Tropic Cookery? Who was botanist & cookbook author Alex D. Hawkes, from Coconut Grove?

Holiday Shopping in 1967? Cookbook South Florida Cookery (1964) by Alex D. Hawkes now at all bookstores!

He Cooks With Florida Foods

Chicken Coconut Grove: Chicken à la King Baked Inside Coconuts!

Chicken Coconut Grove - Alex D. Hawkes
Chicken Coconut Grove: Chicken à la King Baked Inside Coconuts!

Egg Nog Is Also For New Year’s Eve… Or The Entire Year!

Enjoy Egg Nog All Year Round

Take Full Advantage Of Kumquat Season – Preserved Kumquats

“Allow kumquats to stand in syrup overnight. Next day, bring fruit and syrup back to the boiling point.” – Hawkes (1967)

Indonesian Recipes At Home In Florida – Tomatoes Javanese

“The marvelous and varied cuisine of far-off Indonesia offers many suggestions for us here in Florida. These recipes are quite unlike those of any other Eastern cookery – some Javanese dishes are frighteningly spicy-hot, for example. Yet I often use them in combination with good old American meals to excellent advantage.” – Alex D. Hawkes

Even Papaya’s Leaves Are Tasty… Breakfast Papaya at “The Kampong” with Dr. & Mrs. David Fairchild

Breakfast Papaya at The Kampong

The Kampong… A Home on The Edge of the Tropics – Kampong Date Chews

Kampong Date Chew
“Dr. Fairchild’s experiences with dates and the almost insurmountable difficulties he had trying to introduce them here are well known to readers of his marvelous books.” – Alex D. Hawkes

It’s Season To Serve The Delicious Avocado – Brazilian Avocado Cream

Hawkes Brazilian Avocado Cream
It’s Season To Serve The Delicious Avocado – Brazilian Avocado Cream “Originally from Mexico and Central America, botanists know the avocado as a member of the laurel family, and have records showing that the Aztecs made extensive use of it long before the arrival of Columbus on our shores.” – Alex D. Hawkes (1963)