Alex D. Hawkes – Botanical Works, Newspaper and Cookbooks

Alex D. Hawkes

He Cooks With Florida Foods

Cookbooks & Recipes

COOKERY NOTES (1965 – ????) Coconut Grove, Florida (FL.) – Mimeographed Recipes by Alex D. Hawkes – Please contact us we are looking for missing Volumes!

Gourmet the Magazine of Good Living – Vol. XXIV No. 10, October (1964)

South Florida Cookery: Unique Recipes from the Tropics and Elsewhere (1964) Wake-Brook House, Coral Gables, Florida

Tropical Cookery (????) Unknown publication mentioned in Alex’s (1968) Vegetable Cookery & in Flavors of the Caribbean (1977)

The Shrimp Cookbook: 140 Wonderful Ways To Serve Shrimp (1966) Culinary Arts Institute, Chicago, Illinois

Son of the Shrimp Cookbook – Never Published – Announced in COOKERY NOTES (1966)

A World of Vegetable Cookery: An encyclopedic treasury of recipes, botany, and lore of the vegetable kingdom (1968) Simon & Schuster, New York [Rev. ed. 1984] illustrations by Bill Goldsmith

Cooking with vegetables : an encyclopedic treasury of recipes, botany, and lore of the vegetable kingdom (REVISED)

Eating Out in Jamaica: A Unique Guide to Good Eating (1971) DMP Publications Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica – PLEASE HELP US LOCATE ~ Contact us!

The Rum Cookbook (1972) William Collins & Sangster, Jamaica Photos by Maria LaYacona

The Flavors of The Caribbean & Latin America: a personal collection of recipes (1977) Viking, New York illustrations by Lynda West

Citrus CookbookNever Published – Announced (1967)

World of Fruit & Nut CookbookNever Published – Announced (1969)

Shrimp Cookbook (Revision) – Never Published – Announced (1971)

Rice CookbookNever Published – Announced (1973)

Newspapers / TV / Radio

Garden Club of the Air (1960) WTHSTV, Miami,Florida
The Miami Herald (1960s)
Miami News (1960s)
The Tropical Gardener (1961) WTHSTV, Miami,Florida
Tropical Gardener (1962) Radio – WFFG, Marathon, Florida Keys (World’s Finest Fishing Grounds)
St. Petersburg TimesFlorida Cookery‘ (Late 1960s)
The Lakeland LedgerSub-Tropic Cookery‘, Florida (1970s – 1977)
Jamaica Gleaner (1960s – 1977) Kingston, Jamaica
‘What’s Cooking’ Radio Jamaica (1970s) – Please let us know if recordings are available.

Botanical Works

Hundreds of Botanical Articles (1945 – 1968) Available via Academic & Library Catalogs. Contact us for topics or inquiries. (Bromeliads, Orchids, Palms, Ferns, & more)

The Major Kinds of Palms (1950 – 1952) Fairchild Tropical Garden (FTG), Coconut Grove / Coral Gables, Florida

The Gardener’s Pocketbook (1950-1951) The National Horticulture Magazine

The Orchid Journal An International Review of Orchidology (1952 – 1953) Berkeley, California – Official Publication of The International Orchid Society

South Florida Orchid Weekly thereafter The Orchid Weekly (1958-1963), The Horticultural Publications, Coconut Grove, Florida – Mimeographed
Vol. 1 1958-1959,
Vol. 2 1959-1960,
vol. 3 1960-1961,
Vol. 4 1961-1962,
Vol. 5 1962-1963

Palm Papers (1959-1963) The Horticultural Publications, Coconut Grove, Florida – Mimeographed

The Bromeliad Papers (????) The Horticultural Publications, Coconut Grove, Florida – Mimeographed

Annual Orchid Hybrid Lists – 5 Volumes (????)

Index of Orchidaceous Plants – 2 Volumes (????)

Tropical Living Magazine – December (1959) Volumes Unknown

Cultural directions for Orchids (1959) The Horticultural Publications, Coconut Grove, FL.

A Tropical Plantsman’s Handbook (1960) via Michael A. Spencer Bromeliad Research Collection (UCF)

Orchids Their Botany & Culture (1961) Harper & Brothers, New York

Tropical Plants (1961Coconut Grove, Florida – Mimeographed

Tropics (1961Coconut Grove, Florida – Mimeographed

Tropics Magazine (1962) June 23 © Alex D. Hawkes – PLEASE HELP US LOCATE ~ Contact us!

The Four Arts Garden : History and catalogue of the labeled plants (1964) Garden Club of Palm Beach, Florida

Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids, an illustrated descriptive manual of the members of the Orchidaceae currently in cultivation (1965) Faber & Faber, London

Trees of Miami (1965) – Announced via Larry “Lawrence” Thompson Miami Herald 1965-05-17

Guide to Plants of the Everglades National Park (1965) Tropic Isle Publishers, Coral Gables, Florida

Wild Flowers of Jamaica (1974) Collins & Sangster, Great Britain illustrations by Brenda C. Sutton

Illustrated plants of Jamaica (1974) J. Wray & Nephew, Jamaica

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Sample of ‘COOKERY NOTES’ by Alex D. Hawkes
A World of Vegetable Cookery‘ (1968) / ‘Cooking With Vegetables’ ~ by Alex D. Hawkes